2021 Trends for Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are now a daily need for a smartphone user. And every day we see some or other new updates on the apps. Whether the apps are designed to create awareness, deliver excellent content, decrease prices, engage more users, and boost sales. Considering the recent developments in technologies, there are so many ways how mobile development can be affected.

2021 Trends for Mobile App Development

Here are some upcoming trends to follow for mobile app development in 2021.

Blockchain Technology

This blockchain technology has redefined mobile app development designs. It can be applied to mobile apps to increase safety, quality controls, and tracking. Several payment apps have started to use this technology to safeguard security transactions as well as make them faster than before.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is a huge network of computers of interconnected mechanical, digital, and computing devices that allow transmission and exchange of data. Use of mobile apps helps in switching smart gadget via smartphones. Mobile apps powered by IoT enable them to attach wrist-watches, bands, and other wearables to respective smartphones.


Chatbots take over different communication features. Chatbots are designed to solve to cater to the needs of people willing to having real-time communication. This chatbot technology circumvents the need to establish human-to-human interactions.

More on-Demand Apps

Apps are becoming quite a priority now and thus in the coming years, more and more apps are demanded to serve the people with solutions to their problems. Most businesses are entering the mobile world in the form of apps.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The list would be incomplete without the inclusion of AR and Vr. They make the knowledge on different platforms more interactive.

Android Instant Apps

Google had launched Instant apps in the year 2016 to create things suitably for developers and users. They can be regarded as a sample for apps that operators can access without downloading them.

Cloud Storage Platforms

The cloud storing platform was quite popular in 2019 and so it will be in 2021 too. This helps you to store data around your business. Moreover, the data stored are secure and safe.

Beacon Technology

The first technology that has a vital developmental style and more embraced by healthcare, hotels, etc. This is greatly used for location and proximity marketing. It useless Bluetooth signals to communicate.

Roll out of Instant Apps

Immediate apps came into existence in the year 2016. They grew popular within 2 years. These apps function without the need to download them. Moreover, they are user-friendly and suitable as it has a slighter size.

5G Technology

After enjoying 4G wireless, prepare for the 5G technology in the upcoming 2021. It enhances mobile app marketing. Due to this technology, the apps that took longer to download will now be done in seconds. Welcome the new age technology in 2021 to make your mobile app experience even quicker and better.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP is a variant of HTML aiming to help in high presentation processing as well as quick loading of the website. Google and Guardian offer AMP services. It is almost the same as the search engine optimization to support the website and improve the ranking of the website. Also, it helps in gaining more traffic and more customers.


More and more people are inclined towards buying from mobile applications- thus the M-commerce looks more fruitful. Apple Pay and Google Wallets have encouraged people to shop via phones instead of their credit cards or withdrawals. eCommerce and retail businesses prefer apps that allow the clients to shop and make transactions without any physical card.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Pages are those web apps that aim to offer an entire mobile app experience. For some mobile apps, it is not needed to install the app directly from the respective app store. PWA runs directly from the browser and once installed on your home page, that app can be run without any network.

Are you willing to enter the mobile world with your business? Why not adopt these new and upcoming trends? Contact the Webdzinz to learn more about the upcoming trends in 2021 and prosper with your mobile applications.