What is Guest Posting? Why it’s Important in SEO?

Blogging is the most used tool to attract the right visitors to your website. Every savvy inbound marketer is blogging to get more out business with different types of content. Recently, guest blogging has become quite popular.

And if you’ve no idea about it, we’ll let you know.

What is Guest Posting? Why it's Important in SEO?

What is Guest Posting?

Also called guest blogging, it’s the piece of content written for another company’s website.

Generally, guest bloggers write for an industry in order to attract traffic to their website or to boost their domain authority by external linking on the high-authority domains for link juice. It is a widely used method to increase their brand’s credibility and build relationships with their peers in the industry.

Guest blogging benefits the guest blogger as well as the website hosting the guest content. We can also say, guest blogging is a two-way street — you get to hop on the guest blogging bandwagon, and feature posts about your business, on it.

It is pretty straightforward to post on another person’s blog, get an external backlink to your blog, and wider exposure. It’s win-win logic to make new connections and build relationships by networking with other bloggers.

If you’re writing something that adds value to their reading experience, then they’ll likely check out other content posted on your website. You get a lot of actual clicks through guest posts, which is the reason companies are focusing on writing guest blogs.

What Does Guest Posts Accomplish?

Through guest posting, you indirectly end up increasing your influence on the internet. It introduces you to a new audience and pitch to an already established community of the related niche.

Guest posts from influential bloggers make most of the conversations on the internet. So to influence the social media world, this is a widely used method.

Guest posting is specially done for SEO (search engine optimization). It is an undeniably important way to drive traffic for your business.
After posting on another site, you get a link to your own blog which might be embedded in the text, or included in the author bio. However it’s incorporated, it generates ample leads, which is the main goal of guest blogging.

Posting on a reputable, quality sites will rank your blog on the search engine.

Over time, generating backlinks from a good website will boost the search engine rankings of your website. That’s the reason guest blogging is vital for good SEO.

It is an opportunity to establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, and expose your services to an entirely new audience.

Additionally, featuring on different guest post websites helps you in delivering new perspectives for a different audience. You have the chance to deliver fresh content to various types of audiences.

We all get tired of writing about the same stuff again and again, but writing guest posts is a great way to get in touch with other viewers. It’s an opportunity to engage readers and get a promotional boost by sharing blogs with a different network.

Guest bloggers have been doing this for long and will offer your readers new content without much additional time and effort from your team.

How to Start Guest Blogging?

Before starting guest blogging, be clear about what kind of results you want from the guest blog. Look for industry blogs to get an insight into the type of content that interests readers.

It is a great place to start with primarily writing guest blogs for our partners. It helps in developing relationships with companies that you might plan to collaborate with in the future.


There are many spam websites surfacing the web. Check thoroughly that you’re not posting blogs on these sites or some spammy content is not published in your blogs.

Find writers within your niche from a respected background, and post content aligning with your business. Your content in the post should be similar to the interests of the website. If the content posted doesn’t have something to do with your business, guest blogging will negatively impact your company.

Always post your guest post on a high domain authority to amplify the SEO ranking of your company. Choose the site which has expertise in the services related to your business.

Only genuine, quality, helpful, and relevant content can grab readers’ attention to your website.

In the end

So write content that has the potential to reap the true benefits of guest blogging. Within some time, it will increase SEO rankings, and reach new audiences.

With that, the credibility of your brand boosts and you associate with well-respected marketers in your industry. WebDzinz will work on your business to improve search engine ranking and generate more traffic with guest posts and other techniques.