Top 7 Features In Shopify For Creating Successful eStore

From marketing eStore or app updates to inventory management, everything has been covered with the new features in Shopify. It supports your client streamline their business successfully. Online shopping is one kind of fun and pleasant experience only if you have convenient options. Currently, online shoppers expect to find everything at their device and receive at their doorstep.

Top 7 Features In Shopify For Creating Successful eStore

Obviously, people will shop with whom they find extreme satisfying shopping experience. On the other hand, the e-commerce sites owner are working-hard to put more new features so that they can attract the users and make their shopping experience much more convenient. Let’s take a look for the new features in Shopify.

  • Convenient Marketing In Shopify

    The marketing in Shopify enables the merchants to plan, launch and track their marketing campaign easily. The Shopify has streamlined the process to create and run a successful ad campaign. It will take a couple of minutes to set up a campaign and track the outcome directly from the Shopify admin saving more time than ever.

  • Improvement In Transaction Methods

    Now, you are able to transfer your store ownership to the merchant directly via your partner dashboard or from the merchant’s store admin. The transaction steps and effects are clearly communicated throughout the process. To keep your dashboard clean, you can remove the collaborator accounts you are no longer working on. This crucial feature is beneficial to maintain your security.

  • Shopify Pay

    Being an accelerated checkout option, Shopify Pay enables the clients to take advantage of Shopify Pay’s one -step checkout functionality. Customers can save their shipping and payment information around all stores with the help of Shopify Pay activated. Additionally, Shopify Pay allows the consumers to checkout without any SMS verification for the same device.

  • Inventory Management With Locations

    Locations allow the merchants to access the visibility and control over the inventory moves between different locations. It means that merchants can track their inventory and manage orders regardless of location.

  • Transporter App

    Using transporter, the merchants can upload large and complex files to import products, orders, customers and meta fields. Its features are:

    • A Complete, end-to-end extraction and transformation support for product and customer data
    • Supports the CSVs of up to 250MB, faster than the API and processing up to 10x.
    • Updated documentation for the transporter app and CLI.
  • Improved Fraud Protection

    Fraud Protect for Shopify payments specialize in saving client’s product and money from fraudulent orders. Now, customers can order without getting worried about their product and payment with guaranteed assurance. With the activation of fraud protect, the online orders proceed through Shopify payments that are analyzed by the Shopify’s machine learning algorithms as either protected or not protected.

  • Updates To Buy Button

    With the help of buy button, merchants can select their product, copy the link into an email campaign, text message or social media post to send it to the customers directly to checkout. Additionally, if you are creating an embedded collection for the client, you can set a fixed size image to create a uniform look for any product.

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