10 Content Writing Tools to Write Unique and SEO-Friendly Content for Your Website

One of the best ways to take up your website to a better rank is by improving your Content. Content is the king- this line is not a mere statement but a fact in the world of Content marketing.

10 Content Writing Tools to Write Unique and SEO-Friendly Content for Your Website
When you are aiming to write SEO-friendly Content, there are several factors you are to consider. One of them is keywords that should be well incorporated into the Content to ensure that the website shows up on the search engine results page.

But, remember that SEO-based Content is far more than just focusing on the keywords. To some people, writing comes. Naturally, they can efficiently work with the keywords and turn the text into gold.

Here are some of the 10 best Content Writing Tools to Write Unique and SEO-Friendly Content for your website.


With SEMrush tools in your hand, you can work upon the keyword that works the best for your needs or business. Also, you will learn more about the competitor,s keywords. Find the high traffic and low competition keywords to bring them to your use.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO offers you a content-based SEO analysis. It helps you look for the targeting keywords and run the assessment as per the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). It tells you how to optimize your Content as per SEO.

Page Optimizer Pro (POP)

Get the best insight into your Content and SEO with the help of POP. It is one of the highly regarded platforms for technical and content-based SEO.

Text Tools

With the Text tools, you can analyze your web page’s Content to ensure that your Content is pleasing and perfect for both the readers and the Google bots.

Answer the Public

This platform helps you to come with blog topics. As you learn what people are talking about, you can work upon the respective blog topics after performing a keyword search.


A platform to check your grammar. There are times when you might miss some grammar rules. And to save some time, you can use this platform to check your grammar, make it better.


Another platform to make your content appealing is graphics. Canva is a free platform for you to have the best images incorporated into the Content.


Another platform to engage people with the help of Content. Also, you will get the idea of what to talk about next on your blog.

Google Forms

With Google Forms, you can ask your readers questions and learn the need for the Content to curate related Content.


After curating your Content, you must also see if it’s plagiarism-free. Keep your Content original and authentic to avoid any technical issues after uploading the Content.

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