7 Lesser-Known Things About SEO

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7 Lesser-Known Things About SEO

You implement SEO on your website helps impact your business performance. So, it is necessary to know everything about SEO strategies and rules. For this, here are explained some lesser-known things about the search engine optimization that can take your business to the next level.

  • Page Title Is The Second Most Important Element

    The page title displays at the top of your browser on the tab as well as shows up on Google when people search, so, it should be attractive. Unfortunately, people don’t give much importance to the page title, and it turns out to be less compelling to interact with the audience. Additionally, you should pay attention to include the keywords in the H1 text and paragraph text on the page.

  • The Meta Description Under 155 Characters Boost Click-Through Rates

    The meta description gives an idea to visitors what they will read when accessing the respective page. Unfortunately, people don’t give much importance to this. You never knew this before that meta description attracts the clicks. You must test it because there are 155 characters maximum limit. Otherwise, Google can cut it off with ellipses.

  • The Top 5 Results Get 75% Clicks.

    In the search engine world, the top 5 results get approx 75% of clicks. So, you should focus on a few valuable words and build content around them.

  • Google+ Is The Highest Social Platform For SEO Ranking

    Social media has become the primary source of communication that search engines use for SEO ranking. When the correlation between Google +1 and higher rankings was measured, the result was surprising. It was beating out the other well-known metrics including Facebook shares, keyword usage and linking root domains.

  • 75% Of SEO Off-Page & 25% Is On-Page

    Attracting links and making content relevant to searches of people are the two critical elements to improving your SEO. These elements are known as the on-page and off-page. So, you should first focus on making your content relevant while creating content that others want to link to should be a secondary option.

  • A Video On Your Home Page Improves The Chances Of Higher Ranking

    Everybody likes the video because it helps to understand the things in a better and exciting way. The videos are even preferred than the text read on the websites. Thus, it enhances the chances to rank your site on the top of SERPs.

  • Events Based Upon Popularity Rank On Google

    Google ranks the events depending on the popularity rather than considering the inbound links. This is because, the events can take place in the same region or at the same time, people who are interested in them may consider it is difficult to opt for the event to attend.

The rare known things mentioned above about SEO can help your website to rank higher. If you have any query, reach us at WebDzinz. Here, our team of highly-skilled and experienced SEO professionals in Oshawa can not only help you with the right consultation but also assist in improving your website ranking. Feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.